Spring Cleaning can be done all Year Round

When we think of Spring Cleaning what do you think of?  I think of my grandparents starting in the living room and going through the entire house.  Wiping down everything including the walls and ceiling.  One year I remember getting these yellow rubber gloves and a bucket of soapy water.  I was just old enough to clean but small enough to go behind all the furniture to clean the baseboards.  Ugh…hours on my hands & knees cleaning baseboards.  If that wasn’t child torture I am not sure what is.  It seemed like it wasn’t going to end, well I’m happy to say it did and I am here to say I survived!!

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be torture.

Let’s take a look into spring cleaning.  You can go about it the way my grandparents did and scrub your house from head to toe.  That is a good thing.  You are ridding your home of unwelcome dust and possible toxin in the home.

But, let’s look a bit deeper than just cleaning your house.  Let’s look at decluttering.  Declutter means to remove unnecessary items from somewhere.  You can declutter a place like your home/office or you can declutter yourself.

First, let’s look at decluttering your space, home, office, etc.  When you remove or organize your living or workspace it can and will have a positive effect on you mentally.  According to a study by Princeton University, researchers discovered that our environment can positivity or negatively impact our ability to complete tasks.  I cluttered work space or home can increase anxiety, add stress to your life and reduce self-confidence.

Secondly, let’s look at decluttering yourself or your mind.  Same principles apply as cluttered home.  When your mind is cluttered you ruminate, focus on the negative, worry about things outside your control, and holding onto negative emotions or experiences including resentment, hurt anger and sadness.

Spring decluttering …and more

OK so where do we go from here. Clutter can be overwhelming, but can be removed or organized. Here are some steps to declutter

  • Start small whether you are working in a physical space or mentally start small. Remember it took sometime if not years to get this way.  It will take time to remove it.
  • Asking for help yes ask for help you can’t do this alone. Whether it is asking for help to clear out your house from family or friends or hiring a coach or therapist to help you mentally. Don’t feel defeated for asking for help.  Remember multiple hands and heads are better than one.
  • Always begin with a positive attitude there is no right way to declutter because we all have different ways or needs. Put your mind into a state that allows you to freely wander as you straighten up.

Spring de-stress

Life is stressful enough please don’t stress about spending hours stress about decluttering or spring cleaning.  Take a deep breath and think of positive thoughts towards yourself.  What you’re about to do and what you want to accomplish.  Then do it.